Bagaimana dan Mengapa Mengembangkan Pola Pikir Pertumbuhan di Tempat Kerja

Bagaimana dan Mengapa Mengembangkan Pola Pikir Pertumbuhan di Tempat Kerja

Apr 8, 2023 by Sevoy
Bagaimana dan Mengapa Mengembangkan Pola Pikir Pertumbuhan di Tempat Kerja

Bagaimana dan Mengapa Mengembangkan Pola Pikir Pertumbuhan di Tempat Kerja

Powerful Practices to Improve Workplace Culture

corporate culture. It’s the social operating system that influences how your employees work with each other, customers, and the community. It has both the potential to help a company thrive or cause it to suffer.

That being the case, how do you improve or upgrade your operating system? What specific strategies can you put in place to situs judi casino online ensure that your organization is committed to improving culture in the workplace?

Truth is, the answer differs for everyone. Leaders must be willing to explore many ideas to improve workplace culture. One reason is because there are several types of workplace culture: From adhocracy culture and clan culture, to customer-focused culture and hierarchy culture, to market-driven culture and purpose-driven culture (read more about each type in our Company Culture Guide) .

If you’re a leader in human resource management, part of your directive is no doubt to help improve your company culture. But good company culture doesn’t happen by itself. It takes some planning and effort. In this article, we present seven powerful practices with specifics on how to improve workplace culture:

Build strong employee relationships

Our 2019 Global Culture Report outlines how leadership is the foundation for a meaningful employee experience. Leaders play sbobet88 a central role in shaping corporate culture. The research indicates that if the link between leaders and employees is weak or negative, employees will be disconnected from other aspects of culture as well.

How important is it for leaders to set the overall tone of workplace culture?

Our workplace culture survey found that when leaders are mentors, actively advocate for employee development, and proactively connect their employees with meaningful opportunities, employees and leaders feel more successful, become more deeply connected to one another, and contribute to a stronger workplace culture.

So how do you teach leaders to be mentors to their employees?

First, it’s important for leaders to focus on developing the people who report to them. Leaders are in the unique position to advocate for and mentor their teams. Organizations should teach managers how to cheerlead their employees instead of just being the gatekeeper to their internal careers.

When a leader is an active mentor, our research shows employees feel a:

• 76% increase in feeling like part of a larger purpose
• 72% increase of connecting strongly with leaders
• 102% increase in feeling motivated
• 320% increase in a favorable perception of their leader

Another winning practice for leaders is to get to know employees on a personal level.

Leaders who talk “with employees” instead of “to employees” elevate the employee experience and help form the agen sbobet88 terpercaya basis of a good workplace culture. When this happens, employees feel more appreciated and supported, and feel like they belong in the organization.

By Sevoy

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